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Welcome to Nanowiz Tech, We’re here to help you 8453906000 | 8647807000
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Our purpose is to resolve the toughest problems in science and technology by using nanoscience and through that, We aim to accelerate access to better techniques by the miniaturization of traditional and giant methodology so that we can serve better to mankind.

Nano Carbon Experts

We manufacture high quality nano carbon for use in various markets.

Nanotechnology Based Application Development

With upgrading nanoscience and technology, we offer customised solutions

Characterization Services

We offers quick and accurate analysis related to our products analytical reports

Our Products


Nanoclay is optimised-clay minerals with several enhancements properties and have become much popular as reinforcing fillers for composites amongst the various nanoparticles 

Clay nanoparticles are among the most applicable and cost-affordable materials, all of which have a variety of applications in case of medical science


Our interdisciplinary research and development team has a set up record of creating innovative resolution for complex issues.

Scientific Rigor

We select execution measurements in view of the requirements of the final product, and recognize the basic parameters for the improvement of high return, versatile and reproducible processing and manufacturing techniques.


Our organizational relationship with clients, and in addition all work and information related to the research and development action, will remain completely confidential.

Comprehensive Communication

We formulate documented reports, permit access to lab notebooks, and regular conference calls to answer questions and collaboratively make strategic decisions about the project direction

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